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5 silent truths about LinkedIn

Would you prefer to shoot yourself first before being shot at? You might be asking yourself, “What difference does it make? After all I would be dead in the end anyway!”. If you agree with this, then it means you might be someone who probably shies away from challenges and is satisfied with the minimum.

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Social media and business

First published: 31 August 2015 I do not consider myself a social media expert but a fan of social media and an apps explorer. I have observed a few social media practices online and would like to bring these to light. This post would hopefully assist some small and medium-sized companies who commit these mistakes

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Keeping your personal email safe

It’s common these days for emails and social media platforms to be hacked. You are either a victim or a witness. Currently, most of our social media profiles are linked to our personal emails. These are tips most of us are well aware of, but of course, like we all do we fail to put

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