Birthday on a budget (B on B)

Why should parents expend a lot of resources on a 1 year old’s birthday? Am sure we would get a lot of arguments for or against, if it was a debate topic…..

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This is a continuation of my previous post “Pre-payday” January borns. Blogging on the struggles of January borns, we (husband and myself) tasked ourselves to organise a 1st birthday party that would not shake our budget significantly. We did not want any earthquake financial effects.

I believe we did quite well and as the famous Nigerian proverb goes, ‘The lizard that jumped from the high Iroko tree said he will praise himself if no one else did’. So allow me to. :). Cannot identify anyone to do it better than myself.

Why should parents expend a lot of resources on a 1 year old’s birthday? Am sure we would get a lot of arguments for or against, if it was a debate topic. Personally, I believe although the child is young and won’t remember much of what went on, I am for it because it is an addition to your child’s fun memories and collections. It is also an opportunity to celebrate a 1 year milestone! One year might seem little, but its a lot for parents from sleepless nights, diaper changes, getting puked on, all the falls and crying and wailing, the laughter and the sacrifices.

The first birthday is the height of the celebrations of the firsts: first smile, first stinky poop, first laughter, first dance, first crawl, first walk, first teeth and all other milestones achieved in the first year. It is a happy moment especially for the parents (child is still not conscious of happenings around her).

This is a summary of our we celebrated this special day on a budget of GHS600 which can be approximated to $150 assuming an exchange rate of $1 to GHS4.

List of party supplies

1. Birthday banner: simple and straightforward decoration. It can be used every year! till its fully depreciated……….lol

2. Colouring books: we used these as party favours for the kids who were about 2 years and above.

3. Birthday candle: what will a birthday be without the candle for the birthday princess to blow…..of course we did this on her behalf after all the struggles to position her to pose and get her to cut the cake.

4. Biscuits/cookies: simple goodies for the kids. We got the pack of assorted biscuits to add more flavour. Being on a budget does not mean monotony and being boring.

5. Disposable plates, cutlery and cups: It’s a party for the kids so it’s breakage free and safe. The adults won’t mind using them after all it’s for the kids. 🙂

6. Party hats: It adds some fun to the party. All the kids wore theirs except the birthday girl who is allergic to hair bands, hats and practically anything that sits on her head.

7. Party horns: the kids love to blow it and make noise. Strike this out of your list if your ears are allergic to such noise.

8. Jelly sweets: additional goodies for the party. I used them as bait to get the kids to dance to entertain the adults. Not a bad idea though. It worked a bit but there were some tough kids who refused to be bribed.

9. Cake: we got a simple Minnie mouse birthday cake for the boss lady herself! I finished the remaining cake whilst writing this post. Using cupcakes can also save you some extra money compared to a cake.

10. Drinks

11. Food: We bought chicken and baked them ourselves at home and ordered additional meat. With this approach we escaped costs of catering.

Finally, we restricted the numbers to immediate family and a few friends  and planned the whole celebration based on those numbers. Very important. The good side of it all is you have less cleaning to do: sweeping and mopping of floor and packing all the used disposables. It took us under an hour to clean up.

In all this, we are grateful to God for a successful incident free year irrespective of the tale of the driver who almost ruined the first half of the year, but our Creator has reasons for everything that happens in our life.

Share your stories with us on how you celebrated your kid’s birthday on a budget. I am very interested in the January borns, am sure you know why. 

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