“Pre-payday” January borns

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God willing next week my daughter will be a year old. Time surely does fly too fast. Just a few months back when she was all fragile, suddenly, she is a bubbly, busy for nothing infant running all around the house. A sure sign that I am also growing old. 🙂 A year old means an average of 1,680 diaper changes!!! That is a big landmark for the diaper changers. As for the diaper user, she cares less.

She likes to dance to Bisa Kdei’s “Mansa” and guess her favourite part of the song……………”ah, ah, ah, ah” (she smiles and sings along and sometimes says the “ah,ah,ah” ahead of the song)……smh……Kids of today. They are more like reincarnated adults.

Anyways in as much as I am excited that she is turning one in a few days (adults are always more excited than the kids themselves) I realised some few lessons worth sharing.

All those with January birthdays from the 1st to the 23rd have to tread with caution…lol…I call these group of people ‘pre-payday January borns’. The tricky bit is that although it is refreshing that your birthday is in the first month of the new year, your failure to manage your finances might result in a very dry birthday celebration. December salaries comes in way ahead of payday and of course with the holidays and happy season, all other things being equal expenditure would increase, that is when January seems like a loooooooonnnnnnggggggggg month away.

january salary

We underestimated expenditure for her birthday so here we are having to stick to our available budget. Thank God she won’t remember much of this day. 🙂 Once bitten twice shy and experiences are meant to teach us in life so this time we will ensure we plan appropriately for 2017. That is just by the way.

Would share a few tips with fellow “pre-payday “January borns on behalf of our daughter:

  1. At the beginning of each year or close to the end of the prior year, prepare an estimate of all expenditure (include any allowance for miscellaneous expenditure just in case!) in relation to your birthday celebration. In Ghana it is common for the celebrant to be the one doing the spending………..(should be the other way round though).
  2. To reduce the impact of any expenditure on just one month, spread the estimated expenditure over a period of 12 months at most. It could be less than 12 months, it all depends on you.
  3. In all this, you can spoil yourself but remember to cut your coat according to your cloth.

I wish all January borns the best of the month filled with love, prosperity and happiness. Always remember that family comes first .

Share your experiences with fellow January borns.

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