What is the story behind your name?

What is story behind your name?

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What goes into the naming of our kids? I felt motivated to write on this after witnessing an episode on 16 September 2015 (this tells how long this has been sitting in my draft) during one of my baby weighing visits.

As I sat down with my madam waiting to be called, I observed this woman who had also brought her baby girl in for weighing. What happens is once you drop the weighing card your baby’s name would be called and that signifies that your turn is up. Otherwise if your baby’s name is a mouthful then the mother’s name is substituted for the baby. Wonder what they will do if both names are unpronounceable………….:)

The nurse suddenly calls out the baby’s name, SPENDILOVE! Mother gets up and presents baby for weighing. The inquisitive nurse decided to ask her the meaning of the name.

Woman’s response: I have no idea. I just love the name.

………Apparently this brofo (English) name is not even on the birth certificate because the baby’s dad was against it but just to make herself happy she still maintains it on the weighing card……..

This brings me to the question: What goes into selecting names for our kids?
What is the story behind your name? Do the meanings of names have an impact on the person’s life?

Like the lady’s husband, most fathers are interested in the local names so it’s usually the moms who engineer the English names. Am a culprit.

Personally in my search for my daughter’s name I was looking out for certain key attributes: uniqueness of the name and a name with positive meaning. Yes I believe the choice of name has an impact on an individual. I chose JANESSA a combination of VANESSA and JANE. Vanessa is a coined name and later used to name a butterfly genus  and Jane means God’s gracious gift but I choose to focus on the meaning of JANE. God has indeed been gracious!

The current trend is the shift away from those names that are termed as ‘colo’ (old fashioned). Now we have ‘English hyphenated’ names. Abi you know them already. 🙂

I hear I gave myself the name OPHELIA, back in primary school there was a lady in my class who was very intelligent and also the favourite of all the teachers. I don’t know what was running through my mind back then but am assuming I probably wanted to be just like her and the best way for a child is to have the same name.

What informed your decision in deciding on a name for your child?



What is the story behind your name? I just shared mine and I can’t wait to hear yours.

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