4 hassles of a “vertically challenged” driver

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I woke up this morning with the intention to post something on work-life balance. That however changed as I sat in the kids room with the two big blue bags of washed clothing from the previous week staring me in the face. A silent reminder that they had to be folded before the next batch of clothing completed the laundry cycle to join them.

Folding of clothing is my self-induced burden and headache, no member of my household understands my fuss with how folding is done and mind you if you assist me as a courtesy I might have to redo unless you are a gey hey girl…..My hubby has given up on me ages ago. Before you (probably anti-geyhey) quip in to ask what the correlation is between a pile of washed clothing and a blog post, this is the reason: some posts require extra reading and research and others are just straight up written from my mind and “4 hassles of a vertically challenged driver” is one of those that gives me the opportunity to post and also attend to my chores.

All those who know me, are aware am “vertically challenged”, in other words am short! I am 5.2 tall I think :). Short drivers like myself will be familiar with these. Enjoy the read!

1. 70% probability of being stopped by the Police!

If you are like me my advice is to be road compliant at all times. You cannot afford not to do so! Police stop you most of the time to check your license…… they probably think you are underage and probably stolen your parents’ car.

One time when i was pregnant, I was stopped around Dome by a policeman but as he approached and saw my bloated belly he just told me to drive on…that was it no questions asked! No request to see my license. Ma tricki no paaa. Weird though, but we can’t just go around always looking pregnant, can we?

On another occasion at a fuel station, a police-man, just stopped me and requested for my license, so I ensure I have my license with me at all times. I can’t afford to be on the bad side of a policeman in Ghana.

2. Pillows are necessary driving kits!

Pillows are a necessary tool for driving. Pillows and short drivers are complementary goods, without them how else do we drive off and also have a good view of the road whilst seated? Without them there will be crashes, scratches and gutter falling sprees. So please if you sit in a short driver’s car and you find a pillow don’t think its part of the car’s accessories or part of the interior decor.

I used to and still get teased a lot but i really don’t mind now, let’s just get a good laugh together. I used to put my pillow under the seat cover so its not noticed or toss them at the back of the car when parked so its not visible. All this trouble for what? Now I really don’t care. It’s “super glued” to the car seat irrespective of where I am.

I remember i was given a replacement vehicle from the office one day and unfortunately I didn’t have my “comfy friend” available as it was unplanned and unexpected. Guess what? I eventually ended up packing loads of company t-shirts properly supported by some personal documents to boost my height before driving off. Abrabo mo nsem!!!

3. People don’t understand us!

People don’t get it. They simply find it difficult to understand our unique challenge as drivers. They always think we want to see everything on the road, even see the tip of the car’s hood or bonnet. That’s not the case, we genuinely don’t get a good view to get us safely moving.

Even car manufacturers don’t understand our circumstance. Are there no short workers with input in the seat manufacturing process? Or is it that I probably can’t afford cars with seats that can be fully adjusted to a height I desire? I probably have to search for booster seats or get myself one of those seats for kids.

4. The stares………

Don’t get me therrrreeeeeee….People see you then turn to have a second look…..please we are not kids (should consider getting a car sticker with a similar inscription). It is worse when you are in a “big” car. Mehn those stares can kill!!! My strategy now is to stare back at you. Some pretend they were not staring in the first place and those with a good sense of humour like myself end up in laughter.

We might as well form an association and fight for our rights :)………Are you a short driver? Let’s hear from you.

Don’t forget to tag a fellow short driver (#proudshortdriver) and

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