What are you working for?

Have you explored the purpose or reason behind the work you do today? Is it an employment you see yourself enjoying till retirement? Or one that has just become a routine for the sake of survival?

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I am a tease and my friends and colleagues know me as such, so it won’t be weird to find me ‘flowing’ you especially on a new position or promotion at work among many other things. This morning was no different from all other days and other conversations I have had with work colleagues and friends.


Friend: Eeeeish now you are chopping big money

Me: Nah…what shows am chopping big money?

Friend: Abi you are a Finance Manager

Me: Is it title or the experience?

Friend: Isn’t it title?

Me: That’s what people are chasing for. Sake of respect or what? This has even resulted in people paying for fake awards, doctorates etc. My aim is not the title but the experience and exposure.

(We both end up laughing and continue with our personal conversation)

This short conversation with my friend and previous colleague got me thinking so I created a survey to solicit for people’s views which unfortunately didn’t work out as planned.

You are however stuck with my views for today with the opportunity to share your views and opinion at the end of the post.


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Your take…………

Personally before you go rushing off to give an answer, be truthful to yourself, think deeply and honestly before proceeding to read the subsequent paragraphs.

My take…………..

One realization I reached after thinking this through is that, there is no right or wrong answer to this. It all depends on your personal goals and career objectives and it’s also about time we learn to respect people’s views although they might differ from us. The fact that someone has a differing opinion does not mean it is wrong, it is just up to us to put ourselves in their shoes and ask ourselves what we would have done in their situation before we get all judgmental.

Now my answer to the question thrown out to you is this,

I am working towards building a better life for myself, kids and family. I am working towards improving myself and utilizing every opportunity or challenge to develop and grow myself as a better person, professional, aspiring mumpreneur etc. I see current discomforts as stepping grounds to a better place both personally and career wise. I am not fixated on job titles etc., my focus is on opportunities, the exposure even if position wise it’s a step down from my previous job. But let’s be frank and real too, that doesn’t mean you should go settling for just anything.

Image credit: http://blog.bpp.com/business-management/why-do-we-work/

Back to you……..

This is my opinion, what is yours? Are you working for the money? Are you in your current employment because of the position and job title? Are you working because you love the work environment? ……………… the teamwork spirit and opportunities to further develop yourself not just in your current role but also to equip you for the global market? Are you working because you seek respect or for job satisfaction? Are you working just to please people? Are you working temporarily for a future goal? Are you working in your current employment because that is what your mother or father dreamt for you?

Irrespective of the reasons you find yourself in your current place of work the key is to ensure that it meets the purpose for which YOU seek. The ultimate is for you to derive fulfillment and satisfaction from what you do. If it doesn’t then take a second look and advise yourself. If it is also a temporary means to an end then check What if I told you your job doesn’t have to be fulfilling? to get you through in the mean time. How about not getting too comfortable in your stable and temporary means of employment and setting a goal or limit for yourself?

Still confused as to whether you are on the right path? Be rest assured that there is no time limit, some people like myself get to know who we really are and what we really want at a much later time. Mine was in my late twenties so there is still hope.

Image credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/424605071097710387/?lp=true

Would end with this post seen on LinkedIn.

Years ago, I cold-called a candidate about a new opportunity. It was a big step up from his current role, and he had all the right skills and qualifications. “Sorry but I’m not interested,” he politely said. I pressed him on it until he said something that really confused me. He told me that he “already made it to the top”. I was familiar with his current company and looked at his resume again. He wasn’t anywhere near the top. He would have needed a telescope to see the top. He wasn’t even a manager yet. He explained to me that “making it to the top” for him meant he loved the exact work he did each day, he loved his company, he was treated fairly and with respect, he made enough money to be comfortable, he had excellent benefits, he had flexibility, and most importantly to him, he’s never missed a single Little League game, dance recital, parent-teacher conference, anniversary, birthday, or any family event. He knew what taking the next step in his career meant. More time, travel, and sacrifice. “Not worth it,” he said. #copied


NB: Don’t forget to share with thoughts. Thanks for reading!!!

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