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Spying before the walk: Myth or truth!

Back in the days our forefathers set some “restrictions” to prevent us from engaging in some acts, examples include ‘Do not sing whilst taking a bath’, ‘Do not whistle at night’, etc. We later grew up to understand the facts behind these don’ts. Back then we accepted them as it was without questioning the basis. Same goes for seeing each other before the start of the wedding ceremony. Before I got married I heard all these stories about the groom not being allowed to see his bride before she takes the GREAT walk down the aisle. I heard it was bad luck to do so.

In my opinion, its just a way to witness the groom’s excitement and joy as he sees his wife-to-be looking splendid in her lovely gown and all made up walking up the aisle towards him and also for the bride to be dumbfounded to see her groom looking all smart and suited up. I believe it’s for the fairy tale moment. 🙂

People go through all lengths in order not to let their partner see them and their attire before the ceremony. I remember mistakenly sending a picture of myself trying on my gown to my husband. BIG MISTAKE. Piece of advice, always double check the recipient before sending any messages on whatsapp or whatever media you are using.

Curious as to how this tradition began and ways other couples tackle this tradition, I decided to research further and these are my findings.


Back in the days, the bride was considered the property of her father and marriages were usually arranged. The couple were not allowed to see each other before the ceremony to prevent the groom from changing his mind in case she didn’t look as he expected her to. This was to avoid disgrace to the bride and her family. This also explains the use of the veil.

Just thinking about this reason and wondering, is there a cut-off time, after which the groom cannot change his mind? Or once the veil is lifted then the deal is done? So charley this tradition was to prevent runaway grooms!

What factors determine whether a couple would prefer to see each other before the wedding?


The more superstitious the couple is, the more they prefer not to see each other before the ceremony to prevent any bad luck.


At the end of the day, it’s all dependent on what the couple prefers and not what others suggest. Discuss with your partner for a mutual decision to be reached.


For those couples who still want to save those memorable moments as they take the first walk down the aisle and for those who love to take pictures still looking fresh, you can still do so without seeing each other.You can be photographed standing at windows next to each other, etc. Your photographer can assist you with creative ways of achieving this.


Most couples consider it more romantic to see each other alone in the absence of the staring gazes of their guests to help calm their nerves and express their love for each other in a special way before the wedding.

What do you think? Do you believe it is bad luck to see your would be husband or wife before the wedding ceremony?

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