The case of the mommy brains and a peek behind the scenes

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So one morning this pretty lady was spotted at the ATM machine on the Westlands stretch probably there to withdraw money or deposit some funds or whatever her purpose may be.

She kept trying on a number of times to insert her card into the ATM slot, it was obvious she was experiencing some difficulties. Probably her first using an ATM machine, but she looked like someone who is expected to be knowledgeable on the usage and operations of an ATM machine. After failing for a number of times, she then proceeded to ask the Security guy positioned close to the ATM for assistance and you could overhear her asking the Security if the machine was for cardless transactions only! You should have seen the facial expression of the lady when the Security guy suggested that she was probably inserting the card the wrong way, more like “I am not as daft as you think!”. She then took another look at the card and realized the guy was right. She proceeded to withdraw her small money and drove off obviously feeling very shy and embarrassed.

What would have been your impression of this pretty and well dressed lady displaying her “nkrasisem” (village skills) at the ATM machine??? Am sure your impression would be like mine, …..say whaaaattttttttttt! You are kidding me!!! Really!!! And all other forms of expressing your shock and unbelief.

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Would you believe it if I told you that, this messed up lady at the ATM was me? And no it was not my first time using an ATM machine and that particular machine . The reason I was so clumsy and daft at the ATM was because I had a crazy morning and most parents especially the mothers will understand and know where I am coming from.

That fateful morning I was left with my 8 weeks old and my 2-year-old as hubby was out-of-town and my mother also had to attend to an equally important matter the previous day so she couldn’t sleep over. I was all alone to prepare the kids for school and also get myself ready. I sometimes embrace these challenges of caring for my kids because it makes me feel like a SUPERMOM once I achieve the task at the end of the day. I felt like a SUPERMOM after juggling bathing them, preparing food for madam and also entertaining them in between to prevent any unnecessary tantrums. I was actually running around like a blindfolded hen that was being chased. I managed to drop my daughter off at school obviously grinning from ear to ear at my achievement but I guess the superpowers potion had run out when I got to the ATM.

My aim was to rush to the ATM before the baby woke up and realised mom was not in the car with him. This was what caused my brains to jumble up. I also left the tap in the bath running the same day. I had obviously forgotten and I came home asking my mom if she was the culprit only to realise my other four fingers were pointing back at me………………………………… 🙂

When I settled in the evening and thought about how the day went, it then dawned on me…… How quick are we to judge when someone messes up? We see someone acting clumsy and we conclude prematurely. I am a culprit sometimes but I am learning to make a conscious effort to put myself in the person’s shoes before running my mouth. And also before we point our fingers and laugh especially at a woman, just think that she must have had a terrible morning. Let’s be a bit considerate before drawing conclusions.

…the behind the scene struggles most people are not aware of

Last night whilst stuck in traffic I almost cried along side my two bosses. My one year old was wailing uncontrollably out of boredom and my 3 year old was also throwing tantrums and crying at the top of her lungs. Her brother’s crying might have inspired her to produce a crying album of her own! It was like a jungle in the car and I was so close to silently crying in frustration. At a point I screamed at the top of my lungs….And yes as mothers we reach that breaking point sometimes. It’s not a walk in the park and you always t a step close to losing your sanity. Forget the instagram, Facebook and whatsapp statuses with cute selfies and smiles. It’s not all rosy but those moments are also like magic because they just erase in a second any stress or frustrations they might have caused unknowingly.

That point in time when you and the kids are just on time to leave home for work and school, it is also always the perfect time for them to say “Mommy poopoo” or time to make a request……This is the perfect description of mixed feelings, should you cry or laugh or to keep it simple do both? And their washroom visits are longer than that of adults. The joy of sitting on a WC and releasing cute pellets must be intriguing and exciting for them. They don’t care if you are running late for a meeting etc so please bear with us if we come for a meeting looking all beaten up.

I caught someone staring at me strangely in slow-moving traffic just because I was singing and screaming in the car with mickey mouse shades which I was forced to wear. This weird behaviour was to keep them entertained till we arrived safely home. So please there no mad drivers on the road, you are safe!

These are just a few of the behind the scenes uncaptured stories not seen on any social media platform. These are difficult to even capture because in that moment, the last thing on your mind is to pick your phone to steal a shot of your kids bossing you around. 🙂 Who does that?

What are some of the crazy and daft things you ended up doing because you had the case of the mommy or daddy brains? Have you prejudged someone without the thought that they might be struggling inwardly or fighting their own silent battle?

Let’s not end the fun here! Share with other mothers and let’s laugh over our clumsiness!!! #mommybrain #parentingbehindthescenes

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