1 Day Quote Challenge

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Wow! I just got nominated by Beauty4ashes504 to join in this amazing 3 day or should I say 1 day quote challenge. Thanks Nicci for the nomination ☺. If you want to be spiritually inspired you should check out her blog. That’s a typical Fante broni lady who passed through gey hey, so you can imagine.

I also have to be real upfront, I doubt I can achieve the 3 day challenge. I have therefore modified it to a 1 day quote challenge wai. Come and spank me but I know you will understand paaaaa…….. Look at how long it even took to post this!

Rules of the game:

      • Thank the person who nominated you.
      • Post a quote each day, for 3 consecutive days and say why it appeals to you.
      • Nominate 3 different bloggers each day! 🙂

Point 1 checked off. Point 2, my favourite quote………………if you know me very well and follow my blog it should be easy to guess. It’s a personal quote and the underlying motivation for whatever decision I take in life. Here goes….

“God and Family first!”

Personally this 4 worded statement if applied religiously improves your perspective on life. Why God? I don’t need to talk much. The question I should rather be asking is “Why is God not first in your life?” We were created in the image and likeness of God, he sent his son to die for our sins and He keeps loving and forgiving us. I am sure the world would be a better place if before taking any action we ask themselves, WHAT WILL GOD DO?. Of course we are humans and it’s mostly difficult putting words and thoughts into actions. It is my prayer that we learn to make time to read His word and know more about Him. How else can you put someone first if you don’t really know them?

Family first, that is the core of my blog. I have had experiences in life and at the end of the day it was family that had my back. I have taken decisions in life that by ghanaian standards is seen as weird or insane with just a few understanding where I am coming from. I have quit jobs just to have time for family and anything that seems to get in the way of that goal has to go. Yup…..they get the boot, no long things….. Yeah that’s my view. You might think I am rich so I can afford to….. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! quadruple triple Amen to this. I would have totally quit working long Tee koraa……… My biggest regret however is not planning an investment and having a side business or income before having kids. Word of advice…. Plan and Execute all these before having kids so that you can have the flexibility to take care of your own kids on your own terms instead of managing this with a full-time career. Reduce your wahala!!!

At the end of it all know that God and Family will always have your back!
My nominee for today is Sinnibah @ sinnib.wordpress.com .I nominated only one person because I can realistically do this for a day. I also nominated her because she is a good writer compared to me yet I have to keep pushing her to keep posting on her blog. Maybe this might make her post something for 3 consecutive days!

To my dear nominee please note that you have no option but to do this challenge! So over to you madam!



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