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I recently discovered a new show on Netflix, A Little Help with Carol Burnett, where a group of kids are made to listen then advise the adults who are featured on the show with their dilemma. You will be surprised or maybe not if you are familiar with kids of today, by the kind of thought provoking questions and responses they give. There are no kids in this world o!

“People invest to look different on the outside yet invest little in developing and discovering their inner being and self”


I hope I have the facts right but there was this one episode where the a lady needed dating advice. Apparently she meets most of her guys on Social Media but after having a face to face meet-up it never ends up well. There is always this mismatch between the social media interactions and the person she meets, more like two completely different characters. This is nothing new, as it is the normal modus operandi of today. People invest a lot of resources to look different on the outside yet invest little in developing and discovering their inner being and self.

What pushed me to write this post was a statement made by one of the kids that maybe the lady was looking in the wrong place because people are not who they appear to be on Social Media. A kid said that! A simple statement made by a kid yet carries a lot of weight and depth in meaning. How could something this deep and heavy come out of a tiny mouth? That’s why I keep saying there are no kids in today’s world, they are only referred to as kids because of their age…lol

Now back to my post……………………………….

Who are you? Is this your real face? Is this truly you? These are questions I usually ask people in the course of my numerous interactions with the exception of, “is this your real face?” I easily get intrigued and sometimes like to interact with people to change their mindset to life. I always end up learning something new and even sometimes correcting some preset views I might have had.

OMT inspired quote on life

I remember putting up a whatsapp status showing my tired face with messed hair and no lipstick with the description: Don’t be deceived by my wig cap and lipstick. This is my real face! I am showing my real face unlike Emmanuella who in one of her YouTube videos was telling a school mate that the face she was seeing was not her real face. That was just by the way, let’s relate this simple statement made by this kid to our daily lives.

At an interview, do you hesitate or blurt out properly rehearsed lines or you just flow naturally when asked the question, “Who is XXXXXX?” or “Tell us about yourself”

Have you found yourself changing because people like that aspect of you although it does not dig well with you? I call it saving face when the face does not even need any saving.

Have you lost yourself, that is who you really are in the bid to please others?

Are you stuck in a profession because it puts you in the social elite class or because that is what is expected of you? Maybe your parents told you which profession they wanted and the courses to study in school. That one can be challenging especially when they are paying the fees but its never too late. I have heard of a lawyer stopping practice to pursue fashion which is what she loves and reflects her true being.

Do you find yourself only sharing the juicy side of your life on Social Media especially when you are a social media guru ie. someone who takes a step and then informs his/her social media family that, hey I just took a step! This is different from someone who periodically shares their happy moments with others.

Image credit: pinterest.com

Most people pretend to be what they are not in order to gain respect and acceptance but in the process end up losing the little they know about themselves or the opportunity to know themselves. Are you one of those people?

A simple question…….Do you know the colour of a chameleon? Personally I don’t know. Have you thought of it? Because the Chameleon changes to its environment you can’t tell offhead its colour. What I pick is that if you don’t stand for something or know yourself and beliefs you will end up attracting all sorts of people; some positive, others negative, others to waste your time, others to also direct you to your calling etc. In my humble opinion, you must know yourself to attract the right kind of people. It is my view that if you are afraid to be alone it means you don’t enjoy your company or you are afraid of who you are or who you will find underneath your second skin. We are all not perfect but knowing who you are truthfully helps you to work on the negatives and build the positives. At the end of the day, YOU are your own fan and best cheerleader, BE REAL and discover that inner peace which cannot be bought with money.

In the bid to please yourself remember to consider these limits; the rights of others should not be trampled on, pursue self-interests within ethical guidelines and remember that God should be the foundation of it all.

Image credit: pinterest.com

I entreat you to assess yourself truthfully today. Is your current being a true reflection of yourself? I challenge you today to dedicate some hours, days, months or years to discover the real you.  


I am OMT and I discovered my true self after 28 years on this earth. What about you? What have you discovered? Share your journey or experience by commenting or getting in touch at omtsdigest@gmail.com.



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