3 tips for blogger moms

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“It was the 6th of March and as I drove, I observed these kids with their teachers marching by the roadside. I thought this supposedly act of display of dedication to Mother Ghana was simply a waste of time and energy draining on the kids. Did they really understand the underlying values of truth, honesty and goodwill?……………..An idea clicked!!!…….This reminds me of…………………(suddenly snapped back to the reality of my current situation)………..Just then my daughter needed my attention and my line of thoughts were suddenly messed up……..I told myself that I will certainly get my line of thoughts back on track after dropping them off at school. I dropped them off and BLANK………………What did I even want to write? What did seeing those kids remind me of that I wanted to blog about?…..BLANK AGAIN………Since March I have not been able to recall what I wanted to relate it to. That’s the reality of being a mom blogger.

On an another day, I was in the blogging spirit, busily typing away on my phone…(then it happened)….… “Mommy!!! Mooommmmmyyyy!!! Look at Kojo,” “Baby Jesse is baaadddd manners,”  “Mummy hold my hand,”  “Mummy I want juice.” These are a few examples of the excuses used by my boss lady to interrupt her poor mommy. I immediately have to stop typing to hopefully continue another day and that sudden zeal is lost with mommy on duty calls……..To be hopefully continued on another good day.

These are a few of the struggles of being a mommy blogger, from the frequent interruptions and the lack of space and time to write a post at a go. It’s not easy so I decided to share some few tips for interested moms who want to tow this line and feel there is no hope to ever start a blog. THERE IS HOPE! No giving up!


1. Determine the frequency of your blog posts

I started this blogging journey when I was on a career break as a stay at home mom plus I needed a space to share my life stories and experiences with the intent to possibly inspire others. I was pregnant then with more time to spare so I decided to blog on a weekly basis…….Easy peasy! I thought to myself.  Then the challenging reality started, my daughter started school and I also resumed work after spending a little over a year at home. I realised I couldn’t meet my initial targets (oh yes! you have to set targets for yourself once you decide to pursue this blogging journey). I kept missing out, I didn’t have that periodic alone space to plan out my posts. I eventually settled on 2 posts in a month, one serious post for LinkedIn and a funny one. Now with 2 kids plus work plus other things it’s even a luxury to get a whole hour but I still managed to at least post something every month or worse case a post every 2 months.

“You have to learn to be truthful and real to yourself. Don’t take on what you can’t handle”


I ask this question because knowing your frequency is very key, if it’s going to be one-off then my advise is not to create a blog but rather be a guest blogger on other friends blogs or you can decide to be the scarce commodity with good and easily hooked on posts but with a bi-monthly or quarterly post. This approach gives you less pressure and you get more time to produce quality posts. In essence be kind to yourself and set achievable blogging timelines.


     2. Decide on a blogging site

There are a number of blogging sites, unfortunately I know of only two. I started out with Blogger but I realised it didn’t work for me, the interface and the ease with which I could blog. I decided to try out WordPress and it worked best for me. I may not know your preferences but if you have the time you could play around with both and stick with the one that works best for you. You might also find this list helpful.


 3. Type or write right away!

Not possible right? Especially after my introduction you might wonder how easy it is to implement this. I have a friend who walks around with a little book that she easily captures all her thoughts in. You could try that and also risk having the kids using your book as a scribble pad or possibly have it torn into pieces and used as confetti (that is the worse that can happen). Personally I prefer to download the wordpress app and put down any thoughts or ideas that come to mind with ease. Don’t be disheartened when you go back to your posts and can’t figure out the reason you put those points together. I have resolved not to fret too much, just know its normal and can happen. I usually keep referring to those drafts periodically to hopefully recall them and after a while sadly delete and start afresh with the hope of coming across new ideas to blog on.

Hope this short post helped you. Do you have any challenges or other tips I missed out on? Let’s get talking!