Stop expecting these 6 things from people! #newyeargoals

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Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year and more grace and strength in 2020! I am sending new year wishes again because this is officially my first own blog post. We started 2020 with a guest post from our fresh fashion blogger who provided fashion tips from the view point of a minimalist (I hope you reach out to her for advise and patronise her- A year of supporting local small businesses). What are your goals for this year or like me we have our ultimate goal in mind and working towards taking those steps that will take us closer to the goal a day at a time.

We are not good at finding our own explanations because we are taught to suppress it.

Jay Shetty

Join me then in taking these baby steps and before you begin to feel like giving up, try celebrating those small achievements. They help a great deal! Try it out and let me know.

Last year I started the year with a post on lessons from Genevieve Nnaji’s Lionheart and there were certainly great tips we could easily apply to our life. This year I was thinking about which post to share with you and this podcast from Jay Shetty fell straight unto my lap. I decided to share with you since it is an over 30 minute podcast.

Turn people’s expectations of you into your own implementation.

Jay Shetty

According to his podcast these are the 6 things to stop expecting from people:

1. Stop expecting closure from others

Learn to close your own doors and stop waiting on others to do so.

2. Stop expecting apologies from people. Learn to accept apologies you never receive

Even if you have to play the scene out in your mind or act it out or scream, then do it. Waiting for an apology from others would be like waiting for a ship at the airport.

3. Stop expecting explanations from people. Find your own and don’t use explanations from others as your vocabulary

Simply put, keep an open mind for your own mental wellbeing.

4. Stop expecting people to understand us, our passions, goals and dreams

Remember you are unique, you are one in a trillion to the power infinity. How would you expect people to understand you if you have not come to terms with who you are as a person, and one who is one of a kind I must add.

5. Stop expecting validation from people.

When you live according to people’s validation of you, you end up living their values. Are you saying your value system is less worthy and others are more valuable than yours?

6. Stop expecting people to believe in you.

No one can believe in yourself better than you. Start believing in yourself and with time people will learn to see you as you see yourself.

Powerful points right! Click on link to listen to the full podcast:

What do you think of these 6 listed things? Is there anything that has been missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section or email

Don’t keep this to yourself, share the knowledge with others so together we can make a world a better place a step at a time and one person at a time.



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