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Meet Emma, the brain behind NE Baby Online and The Pregpeds Support group (TPPS)

I got to know Emma when we used to work together at PwC. We worked on a number of audit engagements together and later became friends and business partners. She has managed, together with a team of doctors to help parents especially mothers with first line medical assistance. It would be too early for me to tell you all about her when you can read it from the horse’s own mouth. Enjoy the read!

Tell us who Emma is. We would love to know a bit more about the brain behind NE Baby Online and The Pregpeds Support group. 

Hi, my name is Emma.  I am married with two adorable children and a Chartered Accountant by profession. I believe in God and a Christian. I love to try new things and see myself succeed in those. I am an introvert (although some people think otherwise).  

I am the CEO of your preferred online baby shop NE Baby Online and Nelman Trendz Afriq, an online African print wear and smock shop. I am also a Partner at ENM and Associates (Chartered Accountants) providing accountancy, audit and tax advice to SMEs in Ghana. 

NE Baby online Logo

In 2019, I started The Pregpeds Support on Facebook. I realised that Pregnancy, Motherhood and Parenting in general can be a very stressful journey and we need the support and advice of others to go through this journey and that is what The Pregpeds Support is all about. We have health professionals on board who provide free first level medical advice for members where necessary. It is a group that addresses all the issues that affect family life including maternal and child health, finances, wellness, legal issues etc. 

My favourite food is kenkey with pepper and fried fish. I love to watch movies, surf the internet and most importantly spend quality time with my family.

What is the birth story of TPPS and NE Baby Online?

Let me first start with NE Baby Online. I have always wanted to own a baby shop or mother care. So, I took the bold decision to register a shop a few years ago and started operating online. We retail kids clothes as well as baby and mother care essentials. We also retail bespoke and ready to wear African prints wear and smock for kids.

I would say The Pregpeds Support was birthed from NE Baby Online. A number of factors gave me the idea to start this beautiful group but let me just say apart from the fact that I wanted to give back to my clientele, my passion for maternal and child health related issues was top on the chart.  I therefore started TPPS in July 2019 not really knowing how it was going to be accepted. 

I was really excited that it was very well received. TPPS is a closed/ private learning group for parents and soon to be parents. We encourage our men to join because they need to be educated on these issues as well especially issues with maternal and child health. With the support of my husband who is a seasoned Specialist Gynaecologist and some health professionals; we share healthy tips on pregnancy and child health related issues. Other resource persons also share knowledge on areas such as finance, parenting, mental health etc.

We also have a virtual kid’s club for children 4-8 years under the umbrella of TPPS known as the  Kids learn and play programme. The KLAP program is aimed at enabling kids to develop values and morals outside the educational system.

What are some of the challenges you encountered in running this business and how did you overcome them?

As for the challenges, they are a lot but I have learned not to concentrate on the challenges.

First on the list is time! The fact is, I now have many items in my basket to juggle with ☺. Given that I am also in full-time employment; I have agreed with myself to ask for help where necessary.

With the online businesses, customer orders are often processed via social media handles and delivered. We recently rolled out our website ( to give a better shopping experience to our cherished clients.

I wish to get assistance with content development and also be able to engage more health professionals to support the increasing numbers on The Pregpeds Support.

What was the happiest day in your life as an entrepreneur?

I look forward to bigger wins but I will say the happiest day in my life as an entrepreneur was the day I processed my first order outside my network. I felt like I was on top of the world.

How do you manage to juggle full-time work with running an online community and shop plus taking care of the family?

The Lord has been my strength because it’s not easy trying to be a good wife, mother, entrepreneur all at the same time. Additionally, I have a great support system – my husband, my family and in-laws are also amazing! I believe God placed the right people in my life to help me accomplish His purpose for my life.

Most importantly, I try to take it easy on myself and not put myself under too much stress. Like I mentioned earlier, I have agreed with myself to ask for help where necessary. Good health is more important. When I am tired, I rest! I have learned not to prove anything to anyone at the detriment of my health.

Who or what is your source of inspiration?

God and my family! You remember the “Parable of the Talents,” in Matthew 25:14–30? That is an inspiration to me. I do not want my talent to be taken from me and given to someone else because I refused to put it to good use.

“Dr” Mrs. Emma Ampah

Additionally, I remember how I used to wish I had many of the good things other kids had growing up. I want my kids to be comfortable and so I try to work extra hard so my husband and I can give them and us! the kind of life we want.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs especially the young ladies?

There is no special time to start except NOW! It’s funny how busy you always think you are to do something new until you have something new on your plate – you always create time.

Let me quote for you my favourite saying… If you cannot fly, then run. If you cannot run, then walk. If you cannot walk, crawl but do not just sit at one place and do nothing. There is nothing far from reach if you make a move at it.

And most importantly, pray!!! What God cannot do does not exist.

What do you do for fun?

I play with my kids or watch a movie with the entire family. Recently I’m beginning to like evening joggings.

How do people get in touch with you to patronise from your shop? 

I can be reached via voice call or Whatsapp number 0243072265. 

Follow us on Instagram @ nelman_trendz_afriq / @nebabyonline / @kidzlearnandplay and on Facebook @nebabyonline. Our website is

And how do people get the opportunity to join The Pregpeds Support group?

The Pregpeds Support is on Facebook as “The PregPeds Support” – Please search for us and click  join. You can also access page via

We are happy to collaborate with individuals and businesses on mutual goals.

You can also email me on or 


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