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Looking back one year down the line

Just realised it’s been a year since I officially transitioned from a full-time career woman in the corporate world to a stay-at-home mum.

Looking back, it’s been worth it and I have no regrets in respect of the decision we made, by this I mean my husband and I. The only regret I have would be not investing my savings earlier during the period I was working. I guess I was comfortable with my earnings and savings. I knew I had to, but kept procrastinating. It’s not a good excuse and If I could turn back the hands of time, that would be the one thing I would do differently.

I didn’t just wake up one day to quit my job. It involved a lot of thought and deliberation. Had to consider our current savings and estimate our monthly expenditure including mortgage servicing to determine how long I could comfortably stay at home and tend to our girl. Initially, we estimated I could comfortably stay at home till she was 6 months old. But God truly worked wonders during those times from windfalls to hubby’s pay rise among others. Check out my post (Managing your finances) on how we had to make lifestyle changes and sacrifices to achieve this. It includes motivation for how to manage your finance should you decide to follow in my steps. 🙂

Good things came our way and here I am with our 10 months old. I have secured a job with an employer who bears with me and has agreed I start work in February 2016. My daughter would be a year old by then, which is more than I prayed and could have wished for. I would be able to spend quality time of a year with my family and head back to work to continue with my professional and career development.

What more could I ask for?, but to continue to count my blessings.

Check my blog post on how I developed myself whilst at home. Hope it is motivation enough for the risk averse (I used to be anti – risk) mothers out there. Does a career break lead to a career end? : Perspective of a stay-at-home mum

Feel free to comment or email your questions if you are a struggling stay-at-home mum or considering embarking on this journey of mine.

I would be more than pleased to guide you within my capabilities.

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