Diary of a Ghanaian taxi driver 2

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This is the second part of my taxi driver interactive series.

I got a cab from Roman Ridge to take me to Dzorwulu for a meeting. There was the usual bargaining of charges then off we zoomed to my destination.

That was where I remembered I had started a blog post devoted to  the stories of taxi drivers. Just out of curiosity, I am interested in the multifaceted stories of these drivers.

For those who missed the first post, check it out here >Diary of a Ghanaian taxi driver 1

This is a summary of the conversation that ensued between us.

Me: Does this taxi belong to you?

Driver: No. I work and render sales account to the owner.

Me: How does it work?

Driver: The owner has a daily sales target of GHS40. I gain when I make sales exceeding this target and on the other hand, I have to top up when sales is low.

Me: With this arrangement, do you still earn a monthly stipend?

Driver: Yes I do.

Me: Who is responsible for the car’s maintenance works?

Driver: The owner sorts out all car maintenance expenses.

I didn’t want to pry too much so I didn’t ask of how much he earns in a month.

Me: Am sure you are wondering where I am going with all these questions.

Driver: Not really, you might probably be interested in getting a taxi and you want to understand the dealings of the taxi business.

Me: Thanks for your patience.

I learnt a new aspect of the taxi driver business. I previously thought they had to render sales daily of whichever amount they generated which I believed could not be trusted fully. It’s about setting a reasonable sales target just as the sales people do.


Share your taxi driver experiences with us: the lessons and the fun stories and you would be featured on this blog. Use the hashtag ‘taxidriverdiaries’ and ‘omtsdigest’.

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