Mothers’ Day special

Happy Mothers’ Day

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Today is a day set aside to celebrate all mothers. Cheers to all mothers and mother figures all over the world.

Let me begin by first checking out the definition of “mother”, based on the online oxford dictionary definition.

Mother (noun): A woman in relation to her child or children.

Mother (verb): Bring up (a child) with care and affection.

I prefer the verb definition. Why? Let me explain as a kid would. A noun is the name of a person, place or thing and a verb is a doing word. You remember these definitions right? In my opinion the act of being a mother is an ongoing activity and may never end, that is why I opt to focus on the verb definition of a mother. In my opinion, mothers can denote a male or female, once one devotes and sacrifices time and resources to raising up a child be they biological or not.

“I knew mothers were special especially mine but I didn’t imagine it was so much work.”

On a lighter note, prior to becoming a mother I knew mothers were special especially mine but I didn’t imagine it was so much work. My mum ensured that there was food on the table, dedicated most of her time to caring for her husband, advised us, shared her stories, disciplined us, etc. Thank God I came in last or perhaps I was naturally a good girl because I never experienced her slaps. I hear e no be easy koraa (it’s not easy at all).

My mother is my partner in crime especially in dealings with my dad. I remember back in SHS, I used to write 2 school lists the full list goes to my mum with the corn flakes and the “dadabeeish” things which my dad would question you long and hard before buying that is if you are lucky enough. “Why would an adult like yourself be interested in cerelac? ” A typical question that would be thrown at you. So without mum we would go to school every term with books and more educational materials plus the fixed component of gari and shito. Thank God for mothers!

My mother is my best friend. She had already given a big tick to my husband before we even dated. She liked him the first and subsequent times she met him. She told me so herself. Mothers! If it was up to her she would have let him pay a nil bride price.

Of course it’s not always rosy, there are disagreements. We argue with our mothers and attribute it to menopause. Lol. We laugh over it and forget there was ever any argument.

Even in my journey towards motherhood she still stood beside me. From the bad experiences to the good. That day whilst preparing for the unplanned surgery just seeing my mum moving up and down the stairs, getting drugs and folders, it almost brought tears to my eyes. But from her stories and experiences I know she is a strong one. God bless mothers!

I remember at the hospital, whilst I was in bed with a drip this woman was seated on a chair watching over me and dozing on and off. Told her several times to join me on the bed or go home since I would be fine. She kept repeating, “I am fine, do not worry.” I got hungry later in the evening at the hospital and she sorted me.

She got me food from the nearest eatery, her story was that she took a cab to get the food.

My view: I didn’t believe because I knew it was difficult getting a cab from the hospital unless someone came to the hospital in a cab which was leaving without any passengers.

True story: she waited, didn’t get a cab and walked all the way to the nearest eatery to get me dinner.

“God bless Mothers”

With my one year old I can imagine what our mother figures went through. I am still managing  to see top on a daily basis.

I remembered that I was also a mother when I picked my Lady “J” from school and ended up leaving with a mothers’ day card made for all mothers with the help of their kids. I truly felt special. All the sleepless nights are worth it!

Your guess is as good as mine. Am sure she did a lot of work on the card by making the many cute scribbles we see on the card but I still love it! It is important to note that she snatched it back from me trying to mess up the glitter. Abi she has ownership rights to the card.





We thank God for the lives of our mothers and all their sacrifices. They are indeed special!


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