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SETH KPOBI, another good Samaritan

First published: 10 September 2016

This post is evident that ladies need to learn how to perform basic checks on their cars. Most of us fail to do so, all we do best is to just hop into the car and off we go.


I have learnt a few lessons going forward, based on my recent experience:

  1. Learn to check the car water levels and top it up on your own,

  2. Check the oil levels, brake fluid etc 

I closed from work on 7 September 2016 at exactly 5:40pm to make it in time to boss lady’s school to avoid paying any lateness fee. I was also looking forward to taking my banku with the fish stew dear hubby had prepared. I had this already figured out in the morning whilst I was getting boss lady’s chow ready for school. Before you think am a foodie, I needed the banku as an accomplice to help swallow my drugs :).

I picked madam up and I realised the weather had changed plus the traffic was building up on the Dome road. I was torn between using the Dome market route through to the Achimota mall to join the main road or use the Kwabenya-ACP route which had lots of manholes. Knowing how bad my visibility could be driving at night whilst it rained, I opted for the Kwabenya route which I dislike. The last time I drove on a rainy night, it was on the Action chapel road, and I took a bad decision by  using the car ahead of me as my guide (driver was using the lane because he was going to manoeuver a u-turn, which was unknown to me) and I ended up climbing the kerb.


I had heard an intermittent whistle-like sound from the car and raised the alarm at work but as it always happens, when they checked it out, nothing was noticed. It’s like having a kid who rattles the ABC’s at home and when you go out to let him/her show off to others he/she keeps mute, making you look stupid. I drove carefully with my highlights on and with madam strapped at the back in her seat. The traffic was slow-moving as expected, then all of a sudden……the car stopped in the middle of the road!!! steering wheel locked and I couldn’t even get to move the car to the side of the road  to prevent the traffic from further building up and the unnecessary blaring of horns, although my HAZARD was visibly turned on. I wonder what goes through the minds of most driver especially taxi drivers, why would I stop my car in the middle of the road and turn on my hazard. Would I do that for fun, just to be jamming in the car???

All this while it was still drizzling and confusion was setting in, madam suddenly starts screaming her lungs out…maybe as a sign of support. The timing was on point though….lol…… I was sweating in the cold weather. I had to take her out and carry her whilst using my free hand to try to locate the warning triangle in the boot. In my desperation, I hadn’t noticed that a police officer heading towards home had parked his car just to come assist me. He checked and realised the car was overheating and car probably had issues with its fan belt.

For peeps like myself, who have no idea what a fan belt is and its function. Here is a link to assist and a picture below to help.


The police officer sorted me out whilst I waited for assistance from the office, luckily for me,  I close to the office. He was patient enough to wait whilst I strapped my daughter in her seat to explain to me what had caused the car to stop. I was overwhelmed. He left when I assured him that help was on the way. Whilst I stood waiting for help, another gentleman stopped to offer assistance when he saw me standing by the car with my daughter. I gestured that I would be fine.

Goodness still exists in the world!, remember the couple we met at the flower show at the Children’s park? This time around I remembered to get the contact details of the police officer who came to my rescue. Thanks so much SETH KPOBI, God richly bless you.