My son’s new shoes

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You rarely know, in the moment, when it’s the last time you’ll do something. Most of the time, the whole thing just sneaks away in the night, never to be seen or heard from again, not even sending back so much as a postcard to say hello.

Michelle Cuevas

…………… I stared sadly at my son’s pair of shoes. How could I have missed it? I quickly started making use of it by allowing him to wear it to school but alas! it was but for a short while and I eventually had to give the rarely won shoe out to another child who really needed it. I initially bought the shoes for him for an event but since it was slightly big I decided to hold on to it a bit and use it for church or outings. I guess it became an out of sight, out of mind kind of thing.

We wore it once or twice but since I was waiting for more grander opportunities to wear it, it was stashed away nicely to keep it away from dust etc. I recently discovered it when I decided to do a clean up of their shoes to get rid of those that no longer fit. Once I discovered it, we wore it for just a week to school and that was it. It was just too tight to be worn again.

When I stared at the shoe, it reminded me of life. How many times do we try to make the best out of every ticking second of time in life? How often do we fail to live in the moment? How often do we stash away good ideas for use at a later time and unfortunately forget all about it?

My son’s shoes represents our goals and dreams, and even our everyday simple plans. Like my son’s shoes don’t wait until it’s too late. Make the best you can out of life my dear. Even if there is no occasion to wear those shoes, let me exclaim create one today! That special moment may not come or even if it comes your shoes might not be the perfect fit!