10 Lessons from the Lockdown


It is Day 21 and the final day of the #lockdownblog challenge and although I have not been consistent with the 21 days blog challenge, I decided not to miss out on the last challenge.

So here goes my lessons from this lockdown.

1. We are all capable of learning new skills. It takes willpower and necessity to get there.

2. I realised I was looking in the wrong place to interact with a family of writers. Thanks to Lockdown, I found them on twitter.

3. Not everything that matters to us actually matters. (Read it slowly once again)

4. Jesus is truly, the only WAY, the truth and the life. With all the technology and advancements it only took a microorganism to create a global havoc. Know where to place your trust!

5. You can find new relationships even in difficult times. People are vulnerable and vulnerability can be the start of genuine friendships.

6. I thank God for the sacrifices of my parents. In difficult times, as a parent you have no choice but to stay strong for your kids. Always appreciate caregivers.

7. Instead of dancing to the pace of the world, I am learning to create my own dance at my own pace. I have been able to sit and strategise and know where I want to be in future. (I knew it but it’s very clear now)

8. All “archaic” institutions suddenly embraced technology to keep work going and stay in touch with customers and employees. This means we were all just creating excuses and Covid-19 brought this to light.

9. I learnt to appreciate the little things in life.

10. I discovered another side of my introvert life and had to adjust accordingly.

Done! What lessons has this lockdown taught you? I just shared mine.

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