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The good hearted couple

Some people are of the view that good no longer exists. These days its more like a give and take affair. I do you good and you repay with good in future, that’s the motivating factor. It’s not the inner joy one feels when a good deed is rendered.

I want to celebrate a middle aged couple today who were extremely nice to us today. As many of you know, the flower and garden fair has been on going for some time, so my husband and I decided to pass through after church. We visited a number of stands to check out the plants and their prices. Some plants cost as much as GHS1,000 and as low as GHS20. Most of the exhibitors ignored our comments when we commented on the cost. It was only at one stand, where the lady actually gave us a discount and a free plant as a gift for our baby girl.

We thanked her for the gift of the extra plant and paid for the two we got. The gift she gave cost GHS40 meaning she has lost sales worth that much. We left to explore other stands at the fair. Just as we were making inquiries with another exhibitor, this lady came to us to refund an extra discount her husband thought we should have. Let me add that she walked all the way from her stand to find us, plus she could have sent any of her employees to get us.God bless her.

We insisted the free plant was enough and we were already grateful. She further insisted we take back some of the money already paid and it was not because of charity but as an additional gift for our baby. She wouldn’t take no for an answer so we eventually decided to take a less costly plant rather than take the money back. Plus she had the patience to take us through how to plant and care for them for best results.

We thanked them over and over again. This was unexpected and overly good of them. I erred by not taking her details and letting everyone know of them. All the same, I just want people who believe that there is no good today, to know that GOOD still EXISTS. If you are not experiencing it, then there is a probability that you are looking too far or in the wrong place.

I hope they will come across this post one day and by then our baby girl can say a BIG thank you to them personally.

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