The big day that approaches like a thief in the night………………

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Riddle! Riddle! What day approaches as silent as a thief in the night?


The answer is FATHERS’ DAY! Oh yeah, Mothers’ day always approaches with a big bang even when it’s weeks away. Anyways the reason is a potential topic for another day.

Today is a special day for all dads. Same as I dedicated a blog post to all moms on Mothers’ Day and a similar post about the incredible prowess of mothers. This post is dedicated specially to my husband and all fathers’ out there.

I have heard several comments from older mothers who look at the young fathers of today and proclaim with envy how they wished our fathers were as helpful back in the days as most dads of today are. I remember overhearing a lady one time at the hospital who said she wished to have another child as parents of today make childbirth and childcare so beautiful.

This is a special short piece from Lady J (our small one year old boss) to her dad.

PS: Am assuming these are the things she would love to say to her dad. Don’t blame me, its normal for parents to think for their kids.

So here it goes……………………………..

Although am a year old, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY on this special day.

Thanks for helping mummy bathe her feet when she was heavily pregnant with me.

Thanks for enduring mummy’s hormonal changes and mood swings as I was developing in her womb. Must be really tough dealing with mom, I know.

Thanks for always been there and driving mom to the hospital for her prenatal visits. It required you excusing yourself from work or being late to the office sometimes.

Thanks for being strict on mom to ensure that she took her prescribed drugs (You and I know, how this wife of yours hates taking drugs), so well done!!! PS: This old lady is so drug-phobia to the extent that she packs drugs into banku or fufu just to be able to swallow them. That’s how serious it is.

Thanks for ensuring that she ate well during pregnancy to the point of enduring her wrath. But you didn’t care, her anger was the least of your concerns.

Thanks for supporting mom and handling all finances during her one year break from work. It was tough but it was certainly worth it! I keep up at night just to show how appreciative I am. It’s all about the LOVE. 🙂

Thanks for keeping mom company at the hospital as she prepared to bring me into this beautiful world. You took leave from work, became mom’s hospital mate and short-term medical observer during my delivery. Ayekoo!

sampson surgeon
“Dr” Ammamoo
Hospital room mates

Thanks for cooking during those times mom was just too tired or lazy to get anything done. Oh! and by the way I really enjoyed the jollof and palm soup you prepared for mom and myself (enjoyed it in the womb and now enjoying it in real-time). For your eyes and ears only, if judges were to decide on the best jollof, yours would be the Ghanaian jollof and mom’s would be the Nigerian jollof.

dads jollof 2
Am not kidding! My dad is a better chef than yours..
dads jollof

Thanks for changing my diapers when mom was either indisposed or tired. All these contributed to making it easy for mom to function effectively and efficiently both at work and home.

Appreciate it  a lot when you act like a child (singing alongside and mimicking nursery rhymes and songs) and clown around just to get me to laugh or giggle. You are my best playmate! You are the champion of “feet seesaws”, your record is unbreakable. Mom knows that too.

I might not have an idea of what’s happening now but I wish u a HAPPY FATHERS’ day and I hope you love the card my caregivers and I made for you.

fathers day card front
Abi I did well with the scribbles. 🙂
fathers day card back
God truly bless you and all father figures out there.

I enjoyed scribbling and it was all done with love.

Lots of love from mom and myself.

Special fathers day wishes to you and all amazing dads out there. 


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