Motherhood struggles: My top 5

Parenthood and motherhood especially, is no small task. A beautiful privilege yet enshrouded with sweats, fatigue, depression but in the end LOVE CONQUERS ALL!.


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Enjoy the read!

You will definitely need shortcuts to visit the washroom!


1. You will relive your childhood wish of washroom visits

What do I mean by reliving your childhood washroom visits? As a child we almost always needed an adult to escort us or assist us to use the washroom, that was our wish. As a mother, you get this wish granted BUT the difference is you never wished for it! Bathroom visits for me can be quite interesting. I sometimes find myself doing a 100m dash hoping I get there and sort myself out before my 2 year old catches up with me. I hate it when she’s in there with me, in between doing my private business, I have to keep her busy to prevent her touching stuff that might be full of germs. I can be a sanitation freak sometimes!

I almost forgot about my baby, talking about interruptions. They never cry or need your attention when you are next to them but just when you step out to urgently use the washroom then the cries begin for your attention. I smell a conspiracy!

So get me when I say your bathroom visits would never be the same again!


Noodles and spaghetti become your favourite dish, it's fast and easy to cook. The kids also love it!

2. Trust me, you will learn to be a less fussy eater

It is very possible as a mother to eat the same food for lunch and dinner with no complaints. Eating actually becomes more of a luxury. If you are a mother and you manage to eat without interruptions then that is a luxury! You will find yourself eating the food you cook for your kids just because you might not have the strength and time to cook different meals. I have to sometimes rush through eating and it still beats my mind why am still alive and haven’t yet choked on my food.

Forget about the word “savour”, it no longer exists in the dictionary of motherhood.

If you want to change your eating patterns, become a mother. 🙂


The kids believe their parents are some form of money carrying machines.
The kids believe their parents are some form of money carrying machines.                                                                                       Source: Pixabay

3. You will discover the proverb, “He who pays the piper doesn’t always get to call the tune”

Whether you are a partner at a firm, Chief Executive Officer, Finance Manager etc you will find yourself taking orders from your toddler. If you have a boss who is always breathing down your neck, take consolation in the fact that after work (that is if he or she has kids or you can encourage them to do so) that after work there would be a junior boss at home to take some sweet revenge on your behalf.

I have to hide in weird places at home just to eat stuff I bought with my own money. Just imagine! Going shopping with them is worse, it’s like you have an endless supply of money in your MARY POPPINS bag. They just pick anything they want and it’s not even their money.

Beware! You need to develop tactics to deceive them into leaving some items behind or you would end up providing a free tantrum show at the mall.

Once you become a mother, you just have to know that you don’t always call the shots. You have a mini boss at home waiting for you.


Here comes my parents to entertain me, sweet!
Here comes my parents to entertain me, sweet!                    Source: Pixabay

4. You will discover a new talent: BEING AN ENTERTAINER and MUSICIAN

I don’t have the best of voices. I literally mime hymns even at church so that tells you how horrible my voice is. I have realised that after being a mother, I really don’t care what others think. I have overcome my shyness.

My little genie has me singing to her nursery rhymes and songs and of course producing my own lyrics which is forgotten after a day. With all those songs produced by mothers, we should have been rich by now after releasing all them albums 🙂 .

You are also forced to sing just when you are not in the mood. The question is, do you have a choice?


Bedtime is a daily game where you either win or lose.
Bedtime is a daily game where you either win or lose.         Source: Pixabay

5. Bedtime objectives are not always achieved

Never lie to yourself that you would put your kid to bed and get back to get some work done. It never works for me. I have therefore started taking a cue to stop deceiving myself. I HAVE STOPPED TAKING WORK HOME, it just never gets done. It’s 100% safer to get work completed in the office than come home with the intention of getting it done.

Real life is different from the movies where the parents say goodnight to the kids, switch off the light and retire to whatever they were doing. I take my toddler to the bedroom and most of the time, I find myself being tapped by her to wake up from my sleep. I most often end up sleeping after pretending to sleep just to get her to also sleep and voila! I am in dreamland with just the snap of my finger.

Sad reality is when they finally sleep, you will find it hard to catch some sleep yourself.


With all this lovely mess in our lives, I doubt any parent has any regrets of having a child. They are a lot of work but certainly worth the hustle.

What are your top struggles as a mother, father, caregiver etc with handling kids? Don’t keep the humor to yourself let us know.



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