Meet Abena, the talented mother behind Wemompreneurs

The motivation to begin WeMompreneurs came from growing up with my older sisters who were mothers and very industrious. I realized there were amazing mothers doing great things who were mostly not recognized till they had achieved huge milestones.

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The Instagram account of Wemompreneurs should be familiar to the online business shop owners busily hustling and engaging on the streets of IG. Personally I was one of the silent admirers of what she does on IG, which is promoting the gigs of women-owned businesses. We got talking one day and a collabo was birthed!

Read to the end and you will find out what we have planned for women who want to go into business and those already in business who need assistance.

Join me through this post to get to know more about Abena (by the way we are both Tuesday borns!)

Hello Abena, briefly tell us about yourself

I am Mary Abena Serwaa Sackey (Dickson) mostly known as Abena. I think I am an introvert (though most people think I am a very outgoing person). I used to be very very shy till I realized there was a lot in me I could also help the world with in my own small way. I am a mother of two and married.

What work do you do? Career, side gigs etc

I currently work as the Operations Manager and Acting HR of Nalo Solutions Limited. I have been with them for the past 8 years.

OK talk of side gigs, so I am the Founder of WeMompreneurs. WeMompreneurs is an online community I started almost 5 years with the aim of inspiring, providing useful business tips and motivating mothers in Business and ESells Ghana is a digital marketing firm that offers content development, paid advertisement and page management services to small businesses especially Mom businesses.

What is the motivation behind WeMompreneurs?

The motivation to begin WeMompreneurs came from growing up with my older sisters who were mothers and very industrious. I realized there were amazing mothers doing great things who were mostly not recognized till they had achieved huge milestones. At WeMompreneurs we do not celebrate people we have alliances with, we are set out to ensure every mother in business we cross path with recognizes how special they are and the impact they are bringing to their family, business and the economy as a whole. At WeMompreneurs every milestone is worth celebrating whether big or small.


We also want to become the NO.1 knowledge sharing hub for Mothers in Business. So for every mother in business who is looking to learn something new to grow their business, our website should be the first resource platform to come to mind.

How do you juggle work with family?

It hasn’t been easy juggling work with family. I realized that when you have the passion and zeal to pursue something, you push yourself to achieve it against all odds. That has been my story with juggling my full-time job with WeMompreneurs and Esells Ghana.  Not that COVID19 is a good thing but working remotely has been a blessing to me during these times. Thankfully, I have a family that is very supportive so they understand, sometimes they have to step in to care for the kids when I have to attend to other activities. Aside that I ensure I spend as much time as possible with the kids, and especially during this remote working period it has been a perfect time bonding with them (at least sometimes they cry that they want to come to me when I keep long in picking them up on days that I drop them with family to attend to some rounds)

Most stressful day in your life as a Mompreneur

Whew! The most stressful day of my life. Hmmm, I remember I had an exam to write during one weekend and couldn’t get enough time to prepare towards it so I had to stay up all night to study. Thankfully exam ended and on my way home I slept throughout in the taxi and went straight to bed once I got home. I had another paper to write the next day and was so stressed out that I woke up after just 2 hours thinking we had entered the next day and I had overslept for my next paper! (You can imagine my face when I realized it was still noon same day after panicking and speaking to one of my course mates) I promised myself not to overwork and stretch myself during exams (I wish that has changed, never!)

What is your favourite quote?

If you can’t be anything for your business, just be CONSISTENT.

What are your hobbies?

Ok so hold on…. I love braiding hair (so I braid my daughter’s hair almost every day).   I love taking pictures (I have over 30,000 pictures on my phone), I do a lot of research online during my spare time. Lastly I love home cleaning (You will mostly see me either mopping or doing some cleaning when I am bored)

What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur?

My advice to the young entrepreneur is, you must be ready to serve. If you have the opportunity to experience running a business with an organization before setting out to start yours, do so. There are lessons that can be learnt from others without necessarily experiencing them yourself too so look out for mentors and coaches who can also guide you in your journey.

Also we must not underestimate the abilities we have especially when we look around and see what others are doing. Our mind is very powerful and depending on what we feed it with, that is what materializes. Always be optimistic and be willing to try.


Also networking is very key in the world we find ourselves today. For every aspect of your life you want to see growth in, identify someone you can learn from in that aspect. Sometimes you do not even necessarily need to have a personal relationship with the person at the beginning. You could follow their pages or profiles and be picking from the nuggets they share. Also make reading a habit (I personally don’t like reading) however I try to read wide on topics which I believe are relevant in our world today.

Most importantly Be you! God says you can do all things because He has given you the strength. Also have a very close relationship with God when it comes to your business. At least He won’t leave you when all others turn their back on you.

If you came into this world as an animal, which animal would you be?

I think I would be a Bee, because it seems I am always busy lol. I can be sociable sometimes but mostly keep to myself.

You can get in touch with Abena for any consultation through her IG page I shared earlier, her website or through email at .

Hope you enjoyed the interview and the titbits from Abena. Now let’s move on to the surprise OMT and Wemompreneurs have in store for you. We will be having a free session on Mompreneurship, do fill out the form using this link with topics you would want us to handle during the session. Thanks in advance!


The OMT brand focuses on inspiration,family life, entrepreneurship, youth and women empowerment and changing the African narrative a blog post at a time. If you have a story or experience to share just reach out to me via

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