6 things you should know about MySuper.Life, the latest convenient and innovative platform to access loans in Ghana

Frank is an entrepreneur and needs a business loan, he checks in with his Account Manager at the bank for the loan’s terms and conditions. Interest rate and requirements scare him off and with that his dream of getting any financial support is put on hold. Why? He faces the challenge of easily gaining access to the many loan facilities available at other banks to enable him weigh his options. His only way out which is exhausting would be to reach out individually to each financial institution.

Akosua is in the informal sector and would definitely benefit from financial assistance but she has no regular income to enable her get a loan. She checked with a bank or two and gave up totally. She has no idea opportunities exist for her to access a loan from other financial institutions. She gave up all hopes of ever accessing finance. A friend’s bad experience may also lead to misinformation about the loan process and add to the many misconceptions being peddled around.

These are just a few of the challenges faced by individuals in accessing personal and business loans in their every day dealings. You can therefore imagine my excitement when Superfluid labs launched its MySuper.Life product on 2 September 2020. It offers a one-stop platform to connect lenders and consumers at their convenience!

What I love about this platform is that it benefits both the lenders and the consumers. Lenders can save time trying to identify consumers who need loans by registering on the platform. Customers who actually need the loan, on the other hand would provide their loan requirements on registration which would make it easier for the lenders to get in touch with these consumers and offer loan package(s) based on their needs.

And the plus is, Superfluid labs is a Data Analytic company and lenders can engage their services to help with categorising customers based on their loan and risk profile, which after all is the challenge most financial institutions face resulting in the limitations in extending loan facilities to certain sectors and categories of consumers. Find out more about how it works!

You can find the perfect financial service to suit your needs

“For consumers, our main objective is to help them find loan products easily instead of hopping from one bank to another or dealing with the inconvenience of asking from your networks if they know any information and source of the loan product you need.”

Winifred Kotin (Chief Operations Officer- SuperFluid Labs)

What benefits do you enjoy from accessing MySuper.Life?

1 The website has a loan calculator that can enable any customer to estimate their monthly repayments to help with their financial planning decisions.

2 A wide variety of loan products available depending on your need.

From Autoloans to building loans to other personal loan products and facilities.

3Related news and deals are highlighted on the website too!


Deals view of the website: Even if you are not in need of financing you can subscribe to receive live updates. You are certain to come across information that would be of interest to you.

4 Opportunity to explore the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the website to have any questions you might have, answered. It has been well planned out to ensure you have a full understanding of what MySuper.Life is all about and how it will be beneficial to you. A pop up window on how this works comes up everytime you access the site.

5 Ability to explore loan offerings including the requirements of the loan at a glance from listed lenders even before you sign up on the platform. And it will cost you nothing as a consumer to sign up on their platform!

6 Finally, you get to have a snapshot view of which service providers are listed with them. This view will be beneficial for potential borrowers who want to perform their own independent background checks in addition to the preliminary checks that is conducted by the company before any lender signs up with them.

Interesting right? You can sign up here and begin to enjoy the convenience of exploring loan products in the comfort of your home or directly from your phone irrespective of where you may find yourself.


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