3 resources to keep your kids engaged during lockdown

Whoever knew you could end up being a superhero just by staying at home? No one! Absolutely no one ever envisaged this. Unfortunately, this is where the whole world finds itself today. From having all the new year’s resolutions disrupted down to their very core to restrictions on basic human rights and allllllllll this happened when the first quarter of the year had barely ended. It feels like forever!

Parents have had to adapt to become substitute teachers at home (imagine when we complained about the plenty homework, now it is on a daily basis) whilst striving to get work done as a good employee and having to attend to all customer demands whilst maintaining a sane mindset. This one dieeee we need God and psychologists because it is mentally draining.

It’s crazy I must admit, coupled with the fact that this is a whole new global experience with nowhere to turn to except God. As a mother of a 5 and 3 year old, I started my lockdown on a fun note journaling memorable activities with them at home till I got bored and tiredness caught up with me. I was also trying to teach them according to a strict schedule but I was only adding to my stress.

Thankfully, there are now myriads of resources to keep kids engaged now and we are spoilt for choice as parents and caregivers. Too many options can also lead to confusion so join me as I share 3 online resources that I have used and still use which would be helpful to you.

This is OMT’s personal 3 resources for you, tried and tested!

1. Getpaged

I am starting first with this, because this is a Ghanaian mom of 2 kids working full time and yet, she manages to come up with uniquely curated creative ideas on a daily basis for our kids. When I asked how she does it, her answer was “PASSION!”

Personally I have got a lot of tips and fun ideas for my 2 handbags :). Follow her on instagram and thank me later.


Personally, creating an “office” for the kids was one of my favourite tips I got from her page. So parents if you are having challenges getting work done, then this is a great tip you should try out!

2. Audibles

Audibles also joined in to help parents during this Covid-19 period by making its resources available for FREEEE. It is an audio of kids stories grouped from the littliest learners to literary classics. Regardless of their age they are certain to find something interesting to engage with.

My kids were engaged for the first 30 minutes but later got distracted because of the lack of visuals. You could also let them listen and possibly draw something out of what they listened to. A great test of their imagination!

You can consider paying for an audibles and Kindle package to keep them properly engaged. For now I like the free stuff ‍♀️

3. LearnEnglish kids

I came across LearnEnglish kids from the British Council by mistake (one of those days you end up desperately searching online for options), but I absolutely love it! It has a video, reading, phonics and crafts section you can explore.

What I love most is that you could also use this opportunity to teach the kids the use of a computer and its parts. My 5 year old is able to navigate on the page which is good with the use of the mouse and not the touch screen.

Her personal favourite game is the “dress the superhero” where you can dream up your superhero and there is the option to print your final design which can be used as a colouring sheet.

My madam playing the clean and green game that teaches cleanliness and recycling

Hope you found my top 3 resources useful. Feel free to share in the comments section resources that have been useful to you during this period in engaging the kids.

Stay safe!